2017 Gift Guide For Him

Hi, y’all!!!  You asked (well, one of you asked. Lol) and I answered!  So, here is my 2017 Gift Guide for Him!  Can you believe Christmas is in two weeks?!! If you are wondering what to get the man in your life, here are a few ideas! You know how I normally base my gift guides, like the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide on things I want, have, or need?  Well, these are things the men in my life have wanted, currently own, or I think they would like!  I have given a few of these things as gifts, so I hope the man/men in your life will love something on this list depending on his interests!  Let’s get started!

  1. A watch organizer – If the man in your life has a few watches, like many of us do, he would really benefit from a sleek watch organizer like this one.  It can even be custom engraved with his initials (here)!
  2. JORD Wood Watch – I know I know…a JORD wood watch was on my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.  I maintain it would make a great gift!  It’s so unique.  How many people can say they have a watch made of wood?  It’s a conversation starter for sure.  But even if you don’t end up with a wood watch, any watch would be a great gift.
  3. A larger watch organizer! – Lol.  Yes, I could have put this with gift #1 on this list.  This one is great for the man who has many watches, like my dad.  My dad actually has something like this that was given to him by my brother a few years ago.  Except his is larger.  I think his holds 24 watches, like this one.  He had it out the other day and it just looked so great and is clearly so useful!  I had to add it onto this list!  Here is another nice one that’s under $20!  You can get a watch as a gift and then an organizer to go with it.  🙂
  4. Kiehl’s Men’s Starter Kit – This is a great gift for the man who is mindful of his skin and his appearance or wants to start taking better care of his skin.  The Kiehl’s Starter Kit is backordered at a lot of retailers, so it’s really popular.  Clinique also has a great skin care set for men.
  5. A fitbit – This one is a Fitbit Alta HR.  I’ve been really wanting a Fitbit, and it seems like everyone has one and is obsessed with getting their steps in!  It would definitely be a great gift for the man (or woman) that is trying to get in or stay in shape.  There are so many different types of Fitbits, from the bands to watches.  Check out Amazon’s selection here.
  6. Car Safety Hammer Set – I got the idea to add this gift because it’s something my church gave out to dads on Father’s Day last year. It’s a small tool that you can use to escape your car in case of an emergency.  With the tool, you can cut your seatbelt and break your car window to get out!   I think it’s a great gift for both men or women because it’s useful and it could save your life!
  7. Adidas shoes – I think everyone needs casual sneakers that are stylish.  This is a great, classic shoe that comes in a ton of colors!
  8. Sweater – I think sweaters make great gifts because who never wears sweaters?!  It tends to get cold at some point no matter where you are!  So, why not keep the man in your life warm and stylish in this one from Banana Republic.  I like it because the style is a little different, rather than the basic crewneck or V-neck (which also make great gifts).
  9. Baseball Cap – In this instance, the Houston Astros World Championship baseball hat!!  Go Stros!!! The next several gifts on the list are all sports related.  If you have a sports fan at home and he doesn’t already own his favorite sports team’s gear, get him something this Christmas!  Even if he owns something, you can always get him something else.  Fanatics has an amazing selection.  No matter the team, you can find it there.  They are having a 20% off sale right now with the code TREE.
  10. Football Team Tee –  If the man in your life is a football fan, get him some football gear from his favorite team!  This tee is an example of something a fan would love.
  11. English Premier League Jersey –  If you have a man in your life that doesn’t have the jersey or a tee from his favorite soccer team?  This is the year to fix that.
  12. Basketball Team Sweatshirt –  Same comments as above for the basketball fan in your life!
  13. Nike Slides – I feel like every man I know under a certain age has these slides, and, quite frankly, I want a pair myself.  They are comfy and convenient.  I have given a pair to my brother as a gift before.  It’s the type of thing that is worn often, so even if he has one, it may need be replaced!
  14. Versace Eros Cologne –  This cologne smells amazing, but if the man in your life already has a favorite scent, *insert it here* and refresh his collection.
  15. Amazon Kindle –  This is for the man in your life that loves to read.  Kindles are so great.  You can carry a book library around with you on this small device that is easy to travel with.  One thing I really love about Kindles is being able to click on a word to look up a definition on the spot.  It’s so helpful!
  16. Wrinkle Free Shirts – This is a great gift for the man that doesn’t like to iron. Here are some solid colored wrinkle free shirts. Also, the travel steamer from the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide is a great gift for a man that doesn’t like to iron.
  17. A slim wallet – I have had two men in my life complain that their wallets are too bulky and were looking for something slimmer.  These seem like good options: here and here.
  18. A leather weekender bag – I have given this exact bag as a gift.  I think it’s great for the man in your life that travels a lot or even goes to the gym often.  It’s stylish and practical.

So, what do you think of these picks?!  Do you think the men in your life would love any of these? Let me know in the comments!!  Btw, I am doing a giveaway with some of my Houston blogger friends on my Instagram later this evening for a $200 Visa Gift Card, which would help towards purchasing some of these gifts!  Make sure to head over to my Instagram page this evening to enter to win!  The giveaway goes live at 8pm CST!!  Have a great week, and thanks so much for reading!!

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