Happy 2018!!

Dress: Amazon // Necklace: Similar // Shoes: Zara // Clutch: Similar // Watch: Similar // Bangles: Mantrabands, Similar Cuff


Happy New Year, Friends!!! Thank God for bringing us into 2018!  Yesterday, my pastor preached that we need to forget past failures and past offenses, so we don’t carry baggage into 2018.   So, forgive me for missing my second post last week!  I was planning to do a round-up of my top posts of 2017, but wasn’t able to get it all together in time.  I did, however, do an Instagram post with my 2017 faves, which you can see here.  So, let’s leave that mishap in 2017, shall we?  We’re in a new year!! 2018!!  Woo!

I love the new year and preparing for it.  For me, it feels like playing the lottery when the jackpot is really high.  If you’ve ever played the lottery when the jackpot is hundreds of millions of dollars, then you have probably been filled with the hope that you could possibly win!!! It’s a time to dream! So, you start planning out some of the things you are going to do with your millions!  You start planning the debts you will be able to pay off, the houses or cars you will buy for yourself and your loved ones, the world travels you will experience, the people you can help, etc.  It’s an exciting time…so much possibility!!  That’s how I feel at the beginning of the new year.  It’s a fresh slate and an opportunity to make better decisions.   There is hope that this year, you’ll get it right!  You’ll make better choices, you’ll take better care of yourself, you’ll start saving money, you’ll get in shape, etc.  The only problem is that, like with the lottery, it’s often a fantasy.  Making changes in your life takes hard work and discipline.  It’s not just something you can wish for with no follow through.  That’s why most people make resolutions and don’t stick to them.  This year, don’t get caught up in the fantasy.  Commit to forgetting your past failures and mistakes and determine to accomplish all of your goals this year!  Make goals that are attainable and really work on implementing them throughout this year, not just in January and February.  In a future post, I will talk about some of my goals for 2018 and some of the tools I’m using to help achieve those goals.  Stay tuned!!

A quick note about this dress…I sized up TWO sizes.   I normally wear a 10, but I am wearing a 14 in these pics.  This dress is another great Amazon find and it comes in a bunch of colors.  Another note is that the front is a little low for me, which is one reason why I’m wearing the statement necklace.  I hope your new year is filled with so much love and success that your heart and bank accounts will hardly be able to contain it all!  Have an amazing year, and thanks so much for reading!!

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Photographer: Jerren Willis Photography

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