Living Life to the Maxi

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Hi, Friends!!!  Happy New Month!!!!  Wow…I can’t believe it’s August already.  2017 will be over before you know it!  Time really flies.  Since I am so clever and decided to title this post “Living Life to the Maxi,” I guess I can talk about a few things I’ve been doing lately to live my life to the max.   Some things I’ve been trying to focus on (beyond trying to work on financial responsibility, like I mentioned in this post) are being more positive, focusing on gratitude, and not comparing myself to others.  All of those things are fairly self-explanatory and if I elaborate on all of them, this will be a really long post!  But let me share some things I’ve learned about comparing myself to others.  “Comparison is the cancer to contentment and the thief of joy.  Comparison will consistently cloud the clarity of what God has called you to do.”   Those words were from a sermon I heard a few years ago…it really made an impact on me and it’s something I remind myself of on a regular basis.

In today’s social media age, we spend so much time looking at other people’s lives that it’s nearly impossible not to notice all the things they have that we don’t.   And it’s hardly ever a comparison that makes us look at our lives with gratitude. It’s usually the opposite!  So often we idealize the friend that appears to be making a bunch of money while we are living paycheck to paycheck or buying a house while we are still renting or paying off debt when the end is nowhere in sight for us or traveling all over the world while we’re stuck at the office or living their perfect life with their perfect family while we are single with no prospects, etc. etc.   People showing us the best parts of themselves is constantly in our faces.  These people aren’t celebrities…they are regular people that we know! It’s easy to get caught up with comparing our lives to theirs and wondering why ours isn’t as great.  I am often guilty of this, but I have to remind myself that I am on my own path.  My path isn’t the same as all my friends on Facebook or Instagram.  God has a unique plan for my life.  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jer. 29:11.  Your situation is unique, your relationship is unique, and you are unique.  Set your own goals, then actively work towards achieving them.  Focus on the positive things in your life and remain grateful.  Live your own life to the fullest.  There’s only one you…no one can do it better.

Anyway, I guess I should talk about this look at some point! This gorgeous maxi dress is from MOD Chic Couture.  I love the long sleeves and how flowy it is.  This exact dress is available at MOD Chic, but it’s not online and you would need to call to order. I’ve linked to some other gorgeous maxi dresses below (including this one, which is very similar in style and under $30).  Btw, I have a giveaway coming for you guys on Friday!!! Stay tuned!! It’s going to be an Ankara giveaway!! Yay!  And don’t forget about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!! It ends on August 6, then prices will go back up!  I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great week, and thanks so much for reading!!

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