NYFW Day 5 (My Final Day!) – Paula Abdul + Project Runway Fun

Top: Similar, Similar, Similar // Jeans: Similar, Similar, Similar // Shoes: Merona  // Earrings: Exact (Similar, Similar) // Clutch: Similar, Simiar // Sunglasses: Similar, Similar

Alright, Friends, we’ve finally made it to the recap of my final full day at fashion week, NYFW Day 5!!!!  And it was a great one!!!!  This may be a long post….sorry not sorry!  We started off the day by heading to the main venue, Skylight Clarkson, for a couple of shows we weren’t invited to. Lol.  We made a security guard friend on Day 4, who said he would hook us up!  For the first show (I don’t even remember what it was supposed to be), we were late, so we missed that one.  We had a little bit to wait before the second show, the John Paul Ataker show.  While we were waiting, we noticed Cat Saddler from E! News was actually in the E! fashion lab.  Peep my super clear picture of her.

She looks thrilled.  I promise her glare was not directed at me. Lol.  She waved at us prior to this.  Btw, I love her ouftit…perfect for fall.

Eventually, we made it into the John Paul Ataker SS18 runway show.  It was spectacular!!!  It was in the biggest Gallery of the venue.  There were so many people, and I loved so many of the dresses.  And Karlie Kloss was walking in the show!!

Here is a nice blurry picture of part of the finale. Lol. (Don’t worry…like I said, next year I’ll get a better camera for pics)

A picture that I actually took of Karlie Kloss!

My first show with a famous supermodel in it!!  It was so fab.  You can find all the looks for the show here taken with a much better camera.   Many of the dresses had unique details on them, like ropes or cutouts.  It was really cool, and it was a long show, which was nice.  Then after the show, we hung around a bit to take some pics and we spotted Paula Abdul!!  So, I went to give her a hug and take a pic with her.  She was so nice and beautiful!!

How gorgeous is she?!! We look like we’re the same age (I’ll blame some of that on the fact that I forgot to put on mascara).  She looks so young!

I also saw Marla Maples, Donald Trump’s ex-wife.  I won’t comment on her ex, but she was rather sweet and quite stunning in person.  After the show, we enjoyed more of the amenities in the venue (that I mentioned in my Day 4 post, like the lattes, the lounges, etc).  Then we headed back to our hotel area to walk around and shop a bit (we were staying not far from Times Square).  We also wanted to go to Mood, since our hotel was near the garment district!!!  For those of you that watch Project Runway, you’re familiar with Mood.  It’s where the contestants usually shop for their fabric and everything they need to create their designs!!

Sunglasses inside? Why not? I’m at Mood!!!

We had some fun in the store, where I pretended to be a contestant on Project Runway.  If you saw my Instastories, then you saw me pretending like I only had 2 minutes left and running up the stairs like a crazy person to get to the register in time!  Lol.  I thought about posting the video in this post, but alas…decided against it. Haha.  All my videos are vertical, so they look weird!  Did you like the video from my Day 4 post?  Anyhoo, I ended up buying a nice, African-print fabric from Mood (yes…African print!).  I am planning to use that fabric to recreate a certain look…stay tuned, it will be fab.

Later that evening, we went to a Blogger and the Brand event, where we met more bloggers…and some brands (imagine that), and there was a great panel discussion about the industry.  It was pretty cool.   For that event, I changed into a fab Ankara gown, but I am likely to re-shoot in it so I will post it at a later date.  You’ll see it at some point!

Washington Square Arch

After the event, we walked by NYU and through Washington Square Park to go to a Jamaican Restuarant that ended up being closed for 9/11!! 🙁  Speaking of 9/11…I wish we had been able to visit the 9/11 memorial since we were there on the anniversary.  We could see the freedom tower from far off and the two lights shining where the twin towers were.   Even though we didn’t make it there, it was sobering to see.

Since the Jamaican Restaurant (Negril) was closed, we hopped in an Uber to head back to the area around our hotel.  At that point, we were starving.  We ended up, of all places, at a restaurant called Dallas BBQ in Times Square.  We were all skeptical about any kind of bbq that wasn’t actually in Texas, but this place was pretty good!! I will say that none of us ordered bbq though.  Most of us had wings or burgers, but everybody enjoyed their food.  It was delish!  Although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going to NYC to eat Dallas BBQ, if you are around there and are starving like we were, then check it out! haha

So, Friends, that’s it for my NYFW recap!!  I hope you enjoyed it!! After this, my posting will be back to normal. It’s time to get ready for FALL on the blog.  I have some cool things coming to the blog soon, including some giveaways!  Stay tuned!! Enjoy your week, and thanks so much for reading!!

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