Work Style: Classic Chic

Top: Talbots // Pants: Banana Republic Sloan // Blazer: Similar // Shoes: Similar, Similar, Similar // Bag: Similar, Similar, Similar // Necklaces: Similar, Similar // Watch: Similar // Sunglasses: Similar, Similar

Hi, Friends!!  Man, I hope Hurricane Harvey doesn’t blow us away or drown us over here in Houston!  I have a lot to get done this weekend, and I would like to have electricity. Pray for us!  I was planning to live my best life in New Orleans this weekend and even create a travel diary to share on the blog, but alas, I had to cancel my trip because of the storm. 🙁  I’m bummed about it, but oh well.  Now I have more time to prep for NYFW and get my life together!!

So, I told y’all (here) that I was going to be posting more work style on the blog.  Here’s another look!!  I wore this to work earlier this week.  Some of you may have seen it on Instagram on Monday.  Let me tell you about how this classic chic look came about.  I saw THIS on Pinterest last week and decided that I needed to have a shirt like that in my wardrobe asap.  I love classic pieces like an elbow sleeve white shirt…so simple, flattering, and versatile!  I need to buy something similar in black.  Anyhoo, as I often do after seeing an item that I have to have, I went on the hunt!!  On Saturday, I met up with one of my blogger boos (the Fashion Turner) to work on NYFW prep, which included shopping.  I showed her the pic on Pinterest, and we started thinking about which kind of store would have that style.  The usual suspects Banana Republic, White House Black Market, New York & Company, boutiques, etc. didn’t have it.  So then I saw a Talbots across the way, and I told my friend that we had to stop there because I felt SURE that if anyone would have it, they would!  And if they didn’t, my next stop would have been Chico’s or something because of the classic shapes they carry tend to carry in their stores.   My friend giggled at me a little for wanting to shop at Talbots, but nevertheless, I persisted.  I’ve been seeing a lot of cute stuff online at Talbots.  I’ve linked to several of their items on the blog before.  Anyhoo, we walked in right before closing….and lo and behold, the top I’m wearing in this look was waiting for me!! And it was on sale for like $10!!  God is good, y’all!   So let that be a lesson to you, especially when looking for classic shapes, don’t count out stores like Talbots that cater to an older crowd.  If anything, that’s where you should start looking!!  Their styles are more conservative and likely well made.

So, on Monday morning, I was looking for something to post on Instagram.  Sometimes I’m just not feeling any of the pics I have, so I was searching on Pinterest for something cute to post.  I really love fashion illustrations, so I found this cute pic (here).   It made me want to wear black and white and look as chic as the ladies in the illustration!  I was inspired to whip out my new top, my favorite banana republic pants, my black/white pumps that I love, and layer two necklaces to create this classic chic style that would fit in with those fab ladies.  What do you think about how the look turned out??

Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for reading!! Stay safe!!

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Photography: T Nichole Photography

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