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Top: SimilarSimilar, Similar, Similar // Cardigan: Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar // Pants: Banana Republic Sloan pants // Shoes: Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar // Purse: Similar, Similar, Similar // Belt: Similar, Similar, Similar // Sunglasses: Similar, Similar


Hi, Friends!!  How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good.  I went to a wedding on Saturday, which was a lot of fun (as those of you that follow me on Instagram saw on my Instastories).  The dress code was black tie or white tie, so I had to whip out a gown.  After debating about which gown to wear, my concern about the one I chose was that it looked a bit matronly.  Afterall, part of the reason I chose it was because of the forgiving ruching around the stomach area.  There was something about the navy color, the ruching, and the sequins in the lace that just made me feel like this was a mother of the bride gown!! Lol.  So, pro tip:  A couple of ways to make a sleeved dress/outfit look less matronly include wearing your hair in a more youthful style or adding fun accessories!  I’ve worn the dress twice and the first time, I went with the youthful hairstyle and fun earrings (as you can see here) and on Saturday I went with fun, colorful accessories (as you can see here).  I may do a future post about styling such dresses, but I figured I would just randomly add the tip into this post!

I almost didn’t do a post for today because I’ve been feeling a bit blah, but a stylist friend recently suggested that I post more of my everyday work style.  She said she has clients that aren’t comfortable wearing sleeveless clothes, so she wonders (and imagines others wonder as well) what a person who wears sleeves every day wears to work.  I thought it was a great idea, and I intend to show more of my work style on the blog and on Instagram.  So, today’s look is what I wore to work yesterday.  My friend took these pics of me on our lunch break.  I kid you not…we went to eat at a yummy pizza place that has 1/2 priced pizzas on Mondays (shout out to Luna Pizza in the Heights), then we headed over to Walmart (same shopping center as pizza place) so I could buy myself some $5 sunglasses because I managed to forget all of my sunglasses at home, then we took these pics with my cellphone!  One thing I will note, for the sake of transparency, is that I generally don’t wear heels at work unless I’m trying to look really fly or if I have a meeting and even then, I often wear flats most of the day, then change into the heels when necessary.  I’m considering purchasing shorter heels for work, so I can wear heels more often.  In real life yesterday, I wore my tried and true bow flats to work (seen in this post and can be purchased here). These leopard heels happened to be in my car, and I thought they would look really fab with the outfit and also be another example for you guys about mixing prints (see my last post)!

What I’m wearing in this look is a good example of how I often dress to work.  I generally start with my black Banana Republic Sloan pants then add a printed top and often a pop of color.   Cardigans are an easy way to add color to your work look, and, if your office is anything like mine, it’s COLD!  So, colorful cardigans can be a great way to jazz up your look while keeping you warm at the same time.  The cardigan I’m wearing in this post is from H&M (though they don’t have red right now).   The thing I like about it is that the fabric is thick, so I can wear a printed top without the print showing through it.  I also have it in grey.  This cardigan style is best paired with crew neck and collared tops.  I prefer v-neck cardigans most other times.  Do you have a way you often dress to work?  A certain look perhaps?

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Photographer:  T. Nichole Photography

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