Living Our Best Lives…In Color

On Me – Dress: NY&Co – may be sold out 🙁 (Similar, Similar) // Shoes: Similar, Similar, Similar // Jacket: H&M // Bag: Similar, Similar // Earrings: Similar, Similar

On Chantal – Jumpsuit: NY&Co // Shoes: Similar

Hi, Friends!! We’re starting off fall style on the blog with some color!!  After all the NYFW Recaps (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 4 cont’d, Day 5), are you happy it’s somewhat back to normal on the blog?  Well, I can’t say today is normal…we are joined today by Chantal, The Fashion Turner!  She’s one of my blogger besties, and one of the girls I went to fashion week with.  Her style is on point, and she’s such a sweetheart!  She and I bonded from the beginning.  We joke that we are birthday twins because her birthday is the day after mine!  Before we went to fashion week, we met up several times to prep for our trip together.  We decided we needed to support and encourage each other to get stuff done.  Sometimes we would meet at a coffee shop with our laptops to email the PR of brands who had runway shows that we wanted to see.  Other times, we would meet to do some shopping!  On one of those meetings, we went to NY & Company to check out Gabrielle Union’s Collection.  We both fell in love with the pieces we are wearing above.  The jumpsuit fit her perfectly, and it’s such a striking color!  And of course, I was a huge fan of the yellow dress.  If you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, you know how much I love yellow…I wear it so frequently that I consider it a neutral in my wardrobe.  The style and color are perfect.  Unfortunately, I think the dress may be sold out.  I hope they restock it, but, in the meanwhile, I’ve linked to some similar styles below.

Remember how I said that our mantra in New York was that we were living our best lives? Chantal was the one who started all of that.  On one of our pre-trip meetings, we were discussing room assignments.  There was a room that was the early to bed early to rise room, and the other was the party room.  I said I would be better suited for the early to bed early to rise room b/c I’m old and I’m not trying to be out all night every night.   Who has the energy for that?!  I get tired!  Lol.  She looked at me like I had lost my mind and reminded me that we were going to be living out our dreams, so she was going to make sure I live my best life in New York.  She made me say it, “I’m going to live my best life!” It ended up becoming the mantra for our trip, and all of the girls felt that we lived our best lives while in New York.  I am trying to apply that attitude to my everyday life.  And you should too!  Thanks so much for reading, and remember to live your best lives!

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